Looking Back


I have been looking back on my life lately. Not really wanting to change things (though there are some I probably would), but mostly thinking about how things have changed in this country for the worse.

The fun things I did growing up always pop into my mind. My friends that I grew up with and even the Bullies.

Days (especially in summer), seemed to be filled with things to do, and always went by too quickly. Our parents usually left us to our own devices. There many a day where we would takeoff before 8 AM and gone until supper time. None of us was ever arrested, or our parents for letting us play on our own. Of course we would get into trouble, but it was usually handled by parents rather than the law. Once I got into trouble when I was about five or six,  for pulling a fire alarm button. In fairness, I was put up to it by older kids. Heck, I couldn’t even reach the box. They had to lift me up and tell me what to do.

I always thought that my Dad knew everyone in the would. On this occasion he was on the streetcar coming home from work when the fire trucks came flying by, He got home and wonder why I was in the house when there were fire trucks at the end of the street. I wanted to say, “Because the other guys dropped me and took off.” What came out though was “I didn’t feel like it.” Big red flag. Then he asked my Mom and of course that was it for me when she said, ” he just came running in here and has been sitting on the couch ever since. Hasn’t said anything and hasn’t even played with any toys.” Goose was cooked and served. My Dad grabbed the phone and called someone he knew and told them he might know who pulled the false fire alarm. I thought that my life was over right then and there.

Really it was a beginning. I was  scared straight. Not completely, as it took until I was in the third grade to figure out that lying would get you no where quick. And still I lied until later on in this life. Finally I said “Screw it!”, and started telling the truth all of the time. The roughest part was when I was in the Marine Corps and always owned up to the choices I made. People were stunned that I would accept responsibility for the decisions I made, knowing full well the consequences of my actions. Had some pretty close calls with Courts Martial. Didn’t ever happen though. People in charge were embarrassed that I had to make decisions they wouldn’t. I figured out that officers up to the grade of O-4 were (Major), were of like mind. Many were afraid to act, due to promotion. Thus the military we have today with the scum that are in charge of each service. They, each and everyone should be hung, and I would be proud to pull the lever.

Mostly, I have though that integrity and loyalty were the most important characteristics a person could have. I look at our government and want to vomit. I can no longer even stand to hear Obama’s voice. I will tell you straight up, that I was a total idiot and voted for him in 2008. I liked what he said and thought that he was an honorable person. I and many others were so WRONG. It actually took the first ninety days that he was in office to figure out that George Soros owned the country, and that he had appointed Valerie Jarrett to run it, with Obama as the puppet. Why does he get mad, because Valerie Jarrett screams and yells at him to make him feel even less of a leader than he already is. His own Family in Africa can’t stand him.

That’s about it for now. I am already working on the next article.